crayon design & communication finds its inspiration in the uniqueness of your company and always expresses it in a fresh, timeless way.

so, whether the final output is a branded identity system, web site, interactive demonstration, packaging, or print advertising campaign, the basic characteristics are the same: quality design solutions suited to your specific needs.

our packaging design strategy is to transcend the basic so as to enhance the brand value, while creatively optimizing our clients’ products in the marketplace for greater sales.

  1. packaging

  2. brand identity

crayon design’s identity systems are created to clearly express the essence of the brands they represent, while at the same time give them a look of distinction within the language of their respective markets and industries.

  1. logos

  2. stationary sets (letterhead, envelope, business card)

  3. annual reports

  4. corporate brochures

  5. product flyers

  6. newsletters

crayon design’s web services, while concentrating on customer retention, are unique for their engaging, user-friendly experience & ease of navigation. We apply the same design considerations to the development of a website as we do in all graphic communications we produce, and as always, with the utmost respect for the medium.

  1. web design

  2. multimedia

crayon design’s advertising and print work goes beyond the norm to achieve great brand identity as well as bring our clients’ messages clearly to its target audience.

  1. ads

  2. product catalogs

  3. direct mail promotions

  4. trade show booth design

  1. Communication Arts Award of Excellence

  2. Creativity Award, Art Direction, New York

  3. CAPIC

  4. Graphisme Québec

  5. Grafika

  6. Applied Arts Magazine awards

  7. Neenah Paper, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

  8. CPBMA (Canadian Paper Box Manufacturing Ass.)

  9. PIA (Printing Industries of America)

  10. PAC (Packaging Association of Canada)

  11. Concour Litho

partial list of design awards since 1983:

you’ve just come back from an exciting trip and would like to share your adventures with everyone. Or, you’ve just finished writing your memoirs and are ready to publish. We will create and develop an appropriate design, whether it’s a paperback or coffee table book. We will also help you publish it through on-line services and retail distribution.

  1. art books

  2. novels

  3. memoirs

  4. corporate publications

with photographic skills that are second to none and a fully equipped photo studio and post-production facility the entire control of your visual communication campaign will be under one roof. 

  1. product photography

  2. fashion/glamour photography

  3. concept photography

  4. fine art photography

crayon design & communication

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